Improving Mental Health to Support Independence
January 23rd to March 27th 2019

Arts Psychotherapy 10 week Group Program is designed to support people living with a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression to improve their independence and engagement in their community.


Through the engagement and exploration of the Creative Arts, group members have opportunities for emotional expression through media such as painting, drawing, collage, construction, textiles, poetry and music as a way to gain insight into the issues they face in order to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Each week is structured to reach a specific goal where members are offered opportunities to share their experiences and any insights gained in order to support other group members and build healthy communication skills. By the end of the 10 week program, members will have gained a deeper understanding and perspective into their life experience and learned coping skills and strategies to use into the future.

No art experience is needed or any background is the creative arts apart from an interest and willingness to give unfamiliar mediums a try as part of the learning.

Beginning Wednesday January 23rd through to Wednesday March 27th from 10am – 1pm inclusive. Light refreshments are offered and flexibility around a regular break.
Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all 10 sessions to get the full potential of benefits of this structured and creative program. Spaces are limited to 6 members and eligibility applies.
Referrals are accepted.

Participants and/or their carers through the NDIS are encouraged to attend under Capacity Building, Improved Daily Living – Therapeutic Supports. Participants who do not qualify under NDIS are also welcome to attend provided they meet the criteria of having anxiety and/or depression and are wanting to improve their level of independence.

Please direct all your enquiries and registration to Kerri Hay, Arts Psychotherapist on 0423 748 060 or email kerri@healingthrougharts.com.au