Self -Awareness for Women

Art Therapy Group


Healing Through Arts is offering a 6 week Art Therapy Program to women 18 yrs and over to participate in weekly group sessions to improve self-awareness and promote personal well-being.

The program will involve a closed group of 10 women who are experiencing:

Feeling generally frustrated in life
Feeling overwhelmed by commitments
Feeling under pressure and out of time
Need for emotional support
The desire to understand themselves more
Feeling a sense of disconnect from their world
Curiosity about where life is taking them

Using the art making process, you will express and explore the parts of yourself that might be needing attention, understanding and healing. By coming together and sharing stories, you can have the opportunity to join a group of likeminded women and go on a journey of self-discovery that can enhance your life in positive ways through strengthening the relationship with yourself. 

Art Therapy is not an art lesson, it’s a means to a goal using the creative arts as the tool. Anyone can benefit from Art Therapy which explores our inner world through the art making process. Regular attendance is important for maximum benefit. This Group is open to the general public and would benefit women who are wanting to work on their self development.

Program: 6 week program Starting 1st May 2019 for 6 consecutive weeks
When: Monday’s 10-11:30 am Cost: $30 per week
Where: 201 Level 2 Stretton Centre, 307 Peachy Rd, Munno Para SA 5115

Contact Kerri at Healing Through Arts on 0423 748 060 for more information about this group or email or FB:


Payments to be made to Healing Through Arts

BSB 105 – 121

ACC 096 567 740


Bookings essential.












Emotional Expression & Relationship building for 7-10 yrs  with Autism & anxiety
Begins 3.30- 5pm March 25th 2019

As Arts Psychotherapists we love what we do and are focused on designing innovative, creative and self-awareness building 1-1, Group and Community services. As NDIS Registered Providers, we work with children youth & adults with disabilities and mental health conditions to enable expression, work through difficult issues aligned through the Arts, identify & build strengths & talents, learn coping skills and implement strategies for both client and/or carer.

We’ve created a new kids group combing Arts Psychotherapy with Occupational Therapy specifically for 7-10 yr olds who have autism and anxiety. This is a structured therapeutic goal of relationship building through emotional expression, body movement, creative connections and Fun! Since combining Arts Psychotherapy and Occupational Therapy with childrens 1-1 sessions, the outcomes for both child and parent have had enormous benefits with improving behaviours so we decided to offer this approach in groups to add the social component.

Places are limited for each Group and ability of each child will determine number of Groups offered.
Bookings are essential.
Please register by calling Kerri on 0423 748 060 or email