Group Therapy – 6 week programs (3 hours per week)
$80 PP per week

Each Group Program is structured to a specific goal and participants share a common background and/or current situation. It is important that participants attend all 6 sessions as they are structured as a journey including the Witness, Insight and Trajectory stages. Participants have opportunities to explore the issue they would like some deeper understanding of in a shared and supportive group experience.


Block of One to One sessions (90 mins each)
$130 PP per session

Clients work towards their specific goal which is measured and continually monitored by the client. These sessions are also structured with the Witness, Insight and Trajectory stages. Attention is also focused on metaphor’s used as these can harbour insights. Progression is measured by the client’s ability to process the “unknown” into the “known”. Strategies and coping skills are built on client’s strengths so they can be applied now and into the future.


Introduction to Arts Psychotherapy Workshops (2-4 hours)
From $50 PP

These workshops are “come and try” what Arts Psychotherapy Individual and/or Group programs may involve. During workshops participants will be given opportunities to delve a little deeper into their psyche using a variety of creative arts. Discussion and sharing is encouraged which can prompt positive relationship skills and insights.


Well-Being Workshops (2-4 hrs)
From $50 PP

Corporate and Community workshops differ from Arts Psychotherapy as they are based on Improving Wellbeing and give more room for incidental self-discovery offering more mindful and therapeutic activities.


NATURAL THERAPIES (By appointments only)

Individual sessions $70  Workshops Price varies

Usui Reiki

Reiki level 1, 2 and Masters Attainment

Spiritual development and healings

Sound Therapy

Native American style Drum Healing (Can be combined with Usui healing)



Please note that Arts Psychotherapy Individual sessions, 6 week Group Programs and Arts Psychotherapy Workshops through Northern Carers Network are a subsidised rate for carers and carer recipients.