About Me

Hi and welcome to my website.

My name is Kerri Hay, I’m an Arts Psychotherapist (G Dip.), Counselor (Dip), Reiki Master and Artist here in Adelaide, South Australia.

My background includes working in areas of both community and residential aged care, child and adult disabilities, youth and adults living with severe mental illness and psychiatric disabilities, unaccompanied refugee children and youth, adults risk of homelessness and  carers and those they care for including children, youth and adults. I’ve also worked extensively with women experiencing domestic violence, clients with grief and loss issues, childhood trauma and supporting and mentoring youth and adults to improve self awareness and personal development.

Being very passionate about social justice and equality has given me plenty of opportunities to advocate and support people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and belief systems who have faced difficult situations in their lives, leaving them struggling with self identity and standing up for their rights. I believe we all have unique qualities, strengths and talents, which for some people find this really difficult to pinpoint or even acknowledge. Bringing light to those strengths, skills and life experience can empower a person to stand in their own power, regain confidence so they can begin to take back their control over the choices they make. This can have a ripple effect on those closest around them, possibly inspiring others to look more closely into their own lives as well.

We all have means of communication and can be incredibly creative in how we tell a story, even if that story is painful to tell, more reason to tell it and try and make sense of it – and ourselves. This is at my core of what motivates me.

I’ve always had a very curious nature which has been the foundation of my broadening knowledge and what’s been the most pivotal ingredient in propelling me forward. I respect life and everything in it, including myself and I’m at my happiest and most concious when I’m learning, engaging in my own journey of self discovery and supporting others on theirs so they can reach their highest possible potential. Being a Reiki Master helps anchor me and supports the connection between nature, spiritual development and Psychotherapy. I incorporate mindfulness into my own daily life and encourage this through Arts Psychotherapy as a means to enhance self-awareness.

I just love what I do – whether its being deep and structured with Arts Psychotherapy, intuitive and metaphysical with Reiki or expressive and present as an artist. They’re all very different and unique practices that stand alone, however when I balance them together, they support me with improving my own level of self-awareness, that in turn helps me to support others with theirs.

Since arriving in Australia from New Zealand in 1992, I have been working within the aged care, youth and adult community mental health, child and youth refugee’s and disability field ever since. 

I am currently working with children and youth with Autism, people with communication and behavioural issues, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), youth and adults living with mental illnesses, grief and loss issues, child and youth bullying and harassment, domestic violence and carers and those they care for.

I run ongoing Group Psychotherapy Programs and one to one sessions privately and also alongside community organisations such as Northern Carers Network and Minda.

HEALING THROUGH ARTS is an NDIS Registered Provider (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and currently provides services under Therapeutic Supports, however will extend into Social support and Community Access in the near future. 

ANZACATA (Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapists Association) is the peak professional body that represents Creative Arts Therapists in Australia, NZ and Asia/Pacific region of which I am a Professional member. 

If you’re not sure what Art Psychotherapy is, I explain it in a simple and understandable way on my website – its just a click away!