Healing Through Arts was founded in 2017 and is now a rapidly expanding community service offering Art Therapy and Counselling from qualified Arts Psychotherapist, Art Therapists and Counsellors for the purpose of working through some of life’s most difficult challenges, using a diverse range of creative arts as the tools for self-discovery.

We are also an NDIS Registered Provider for Art Therapy, Counselling and Community and Social participation. 

We support children, youth and adults to safely and creatively explore hidden meanings into their behaviours to gain insight and generate positive change and resolutions. 

Any person can engage in Art Therapy regardless of any mental health status, physical or intellectual disabilities, cultural group or location. 

The only requirement is the willingness to explore the unfamiliar so new information can be processed to begin making healthier life choices and positive behaviours.  

Sessions are face to face, however do accommodate online supports at both our offices at Mawson Lakes and Edinburgh North SA and also go in homes, facilities and schools.